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The Accounts Receivable Elephant in the Room
Winning the War Against Late Payments in Accounting Firms

Top-performing B2B companies get paid within 8 days. Yet most accounting firms don't see payment for 47 days (or more)! In this guide, you'll learn how to finally tame the Accounts Receivable "elephant in the room" and get your accounting firm's payment cycle back on track.

This guide is intended to help accounting, advisory, and tax firms over $1M in annual revenue:

  • Understand the causes (and long-term financial impacts) of aging A/R
  • Learn how top performers effortlessly manage and automate the payment cycle
  • Get proven A/R management tips from across the accounting profession
  • Hear real-world, practical examples of A/R acceleration
The Accounts Receivable Elephant in the Room

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